Cashmere Care

It is essential that a few basic maintenance steps are followed to ensure your cashmere maintains its heavenly appearance and rewards you for years to come.

After a few wears you may find the garment has pilled in areas such as under the arm or where a handbag or even a seat belt may have rubbed. The larger pills can be easily removed by hand or by using a de-piller. We recommend the Alessi Piripicchio, especially for fuzzy pilling caused by hand bags. We absolutely don’t recommend using a comb as these can damage the delicate yarn.

All Eugenie Cashmere knits can be hand washed and this is our preference. Washing the garment will release any loose hairs that contribute to pilling. We love the Laundress Cashmere Wool Shampoo and recommend using this. Of course any gentle liquid wash or shampoo may also be used.

Use warm water and a squirt of the Laundress, gently massage the garment for a few minutes, let it soak for a couple more minutes before carefully draining and rinsing in the same temperature water.

Don’t lift the garment while it is full of water, instead gently squeeze out the excess. If you have a front loader the short spin cycle will remove most of the water, otherwise roll the garment in a towell and then lay it flat to dry.

You may need to run the de-piller over the dry garment before pressing with a steamy iron on the wool setting.

Dry Cleaning is also a safe method of cleaning and is sometimes a personal preference.

Knitwear is best stored folded and can be wrapped in acid free tissue for extra protection. If you have had problems with insects such as moths and silverfish we recommend storing your cashmere in a lidded container after washing always making sure the garment is completely dry. Cedar Balls are a great additional safe guard against insects and as a bonus are a completely natural product that will leave your garment with a subtle cedar scent.

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